Summer School 2021 at Wheatley Park was a fantastic success in introducing students to the opportunities provided at the school. Across the week we had a total of 125 students attend at least one of the days of summer school. They had high levels of staff support, being taught in small groups, which helped them to get to know their new classmates, our teaching pastoral and support staff, and really feel part of our school community. These students were able to get involved with the following activities; English, Maths, PE, Computing, Woodwork, Cooking, Science and Orienteering. They also participated in a range of pastoral activities, helping them to understand the ethos and values of the school, and the rules and routines that will help them succeed. Students who attended have made a strong start to Year 7 and clearly benefited from the range of activities and the opportunities that they were provided with during the week.

We have applied for Summer School funding of £26,950 which alongside parental contributions was used to fund the following:

Staffing £24,402
Coaches £1,825
Catering £3,657
Equipment for activities £1,694
Site costs £1,020