Wheatley Park School Values

Everyone Learning

Learning is our core business. For our students to learn as effectively as possible, we must always seek to improve as a school. Therefore, all adults - teachers, support staff, leaders and governors - are committed to continuous learning and development in their individual roles, in their teams, and as an organisation. 

Everyone Caring

A caring school environment, where everyone feels safe, respected and nurtured, is a prerequisite for effective learning to take place. Moreover, learning alone can be a dangerous thing unless applied humanely. Therefore, we believe in actively developing the positive virtue of caring within our students. 

Wheatley Park School Vision

To provide an outstanding education for every student sustainably. 

What do we mean by an ‘outstanding’ education? 

An outstanding education at WPS is one in which the following curriculum aims are fully and consistently met.

WPS Curriculum Aims:

“Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human.”

(Extract from a letter to teachers written by a concentration camp survivor.)

Everyone Learning

To teach a rich curriculum that equips every student with the key knowledge, skills and understanding to progress successfully in the next stages of their education and for the rest of their lives as learners. 

Everyone Caring

To make our children more human by developing every student into a compassionate, respectful and tolerant individual who will use their learning to make a positive difference to the world. 

Once these aims are fully and consistently met, all students will leave WPS with valuable qualifications, having made well above average progress. They will also have the essential qualities and attributes needed to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life.

What do we mean by ‘sustainably’? 

The outstanding quality of our education will be sustained year on year by embedding long-term improvements instead of relying on unsustainable ‘quick fixes’. All improvements will also be sustainable in terms of staff/student wellbeing and human, financial and environmental resources. 

Are we serious about achieving this for ‘every’ student?

Yes! We are committed to providing an outstanding education for every student in our care. At the same time, our efforts are particularly focused on more vulnerable and disadvantaged  students, including those in receipt of the Pupil Premium and those with SEND, who we know will benefit disproportionately from an outstanding education.