Our Sixth Form Induction will be taking place on 22nd June 2023, all those who have made an application have been invited to come in for the day and experience what life as a sixth former will be like.

We wish all of Y13 good luck with their exams, below is a photo of their last day.



We welcomed our new Year 12 into the Sixth Form back in September, which continues to show growth both from internal and external students. We currently have around 230 in the Sixth Form which has shown a 40% increase in numbers over the last 5 years. 

Upcoming events for the rest of the year:

Future Choices Parents' Information Evening - Tuesday 13th June 2023
Year 12 Futures Day - Thursday 15th June 2023
Sixth Form Induction Day - Thursday 22nd June 2023
Year 12 Professional Work Placement Week - Monday 17th-Friday 21st July 2023


Ensuring success for all

This year we were very pleased with our results and the destinations of our students. Over 70% have gone to University, 40% of which were to a Russell Group, including 2 to Cambridge to study Engineering and History, which means that we currently have 11 ex-Wheatley Parkers studying at Oxford or Cambridge. The most popular subjects being studied at University are Psychology, Law, Physics and Engineering. Amongst the other subjects included Medicine, Midwifery and Nursing. 3 students were successful in gaining an Apprenticeship and around 10 students are having a Gap Year. 



The sixth form is a very special time when there is greater freedom and enjoyment as you study your particular interests. At our sixth form we want you to see great success in your studies, to be fully prepared for your future and to be an asset to society. We aim to provide you with a highly supportive environment where young adults are valued, respected and supported.

The crucial choices that you make now will determine your future as you mature into a young responsible adult. The Sixth Form leadership team, tutors and teachers will take a genuine interest in your progress and will be providing a supportive and caring environment where you can thrive. We are very proud of the guidance and advice that we can offer you so that your full potential can be achieved.

Our commitment to helping you prepare for the wider world is being delivered through a programme of enrichment and other accredited awards. Our aim at Wheatley Park Sixth Form is to prepare you for future success wherever that might be. Wheatley Park Sixth Form aims to provide an outstanding learning experience and to prepare students for the future demands of Higher Education and the Workplace. Although our high level of academic success is a key feature, the Sixth Form works equally hard to help you develop your skills, character and level of independence.

We take care to create an environment which has rigorous expectations and to provide students with everything necessary to be successful, yet at the same time retaining a sense of perspective and good humour.

I hope you find many of your questions answered by browsing through the site, however, if you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Mr Graham West

Head of Sixth Form