Wheatley Park GCSE Results 2021

Enormous congratulations to the Wheatley Park Class of 2021 on their fabulous GCSE and technical award results.

The fantastic outcomes achieved today are an absolutely fair and accurate reflection of the huge body of knowledge and skills they have acquired, despite their course of study coinciding with the two most fragmented years in recent educational history.

They demonstrated phenomenal maturity and resilience to engage so well with online learning during the lockdown periods, making the most of the school’s pre-existing one-to-one Chromebook programme and status as one of the government’s flagship EdTech Demonstrator schools.

They were then able to apply their learning across a range of substantial and robust assessments as part of the carefully quality-assured process put in place to determine their grades after the nationwide cancellation of exams this year.

This richly deserved success enables almost all students to progress to their preferred destinations in education, employment or training with a strong platform of learning upon which to build further. We look forward to welcoming the majority of them back to our Sixth Form this September.

This group of inspirational young people have truly triumphed over adversity, consistently living up to the school’s values of Everyone Learning and Everyone Caring. We thank them for vastly enriching the life of the school over the last five years and wish them all the best for the future.

Tim Martin



Wheatley Park A-Level and AS-Level Results 2021

Wheatley Park School congratulates our Year 12 and Year 13 students on an excellent set of AS-Level and A-Level results respectively.

Although students’ grades were awarded differently this year through a robust process of teacher assessment with high levels of internal and external quality assurance, they still reflect the extraordinary efforts of our students combined with expert teaching, warm pastoral care and marvellous support from parents/carers.

Year 13 students broke school records with their GCSE performance two years ago, and have continued to make impressive progress. For example, Ailin Bogers, Alice Faucheux, Maisie Lygo, Donna Marie O’Donnell and Ben Wolstenholme all achieved three or more A-Levels at A* grade. Donna and Tariq Saeed have gained places at Oxford University while Ben and Katya Bungay-Hill have gained places at Cambridge. Most importantly, the majority of Year 13 students have achieved the grades that will enable them to access their chosen destinations in education, employment and training.

Academic achievements aside, our outgoing Year 13s have been superb role models to students in younger years, consistently conducting themselves in accordance with our school values of Everyone Learning and Everyone Caring. We thank them for being wonderful Wheatley Parkers and wish them all the best for the future.

Graham West

Head of Sixth Form

Tim Martin




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