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  • Chromebook Options

    Chromebook Options

    A Chromebook for every Student - Select your Chromebook option If you are the guardian of a student currently in Year 7 (or another year group and would like to change your option) please select one of the options below to inform us of your preferred...
  • Vacancies


    Vacancies Listed below are the current vacancies at Wheatley Park School. To apply please download and complete the application forms and then email them to this address. Teaching Application Form Support Staff Application Form Recruitment and Select...
  • Important Information

    Important Information

    Results Day Post Results Services Study your overall timetable (Download), plus your personal statement of entries. Identify the following: what room you are in, what seat you will be sitting in, what time the examination starts! Study the Examinatio...
  • Policies


    Policies HR Policy Statement The Governors of Wheatley Park School agree that they will adhere to the most up to date versions of the relevant model HR Policies, issued by the River Learning Trust. Such policies may include, but are not limited to Re...
  • Useful Links

    Useful Links

    Useful links and information nasen.org.uk General information about SEN autism.org.uk Information about autism/aspergers bdadyslexia.org.uk Information about dyslexia bild.org.uk British Institute of Learning Disabilities ican.org.uk Information abou...

Chromebook Options

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