Welcome to Wheatley Park School


We take pride in our learning environment and in being a school where everyone is enjoying learning, every day. We want our young people to develop skills and knowledge, to achieve high standards in their learning, and also to become responsible individuals. We promote the development of a ‘Growth Mindset’ amongst our students, helping them to see that with effort, new learning is always possible. Teachers and support staff work hard for the young people and we understand that ‘going the extra mile’ can make all the difference. New technologies play an increasingly important part in our work, as we seek to prepare youngsters for a fast-changing future.

We are a school that has been developing and improving in recent years, reflected in real improvements to academic results. There is a lot happening here, with a good range of visits and creative and sporting opportunities.

Our school site is a very special environment and provides endless inspiration in the natural environment, for creative work and especially for the wealth of historical associations.

The website is full of information and inspiration, but there’s lots more to say. Do make contact if you’d like to know more.

Ms Kate Curtis