English at Wheatley Park

Language and communication lie at the heart of our society: without the skills to read, write, speak and listen we are powerless, isolated and unable to make sense of the world around us. An understanding and love of language and the literature, imagination and creativity inspired by the use of language enriches our lives.
All students should be able to leave school able to read, write and speak English, to enable them to be active members of society.All students should develop independence, confidence and make progress in their ability to read, write, speak and listen. Having control of language and being literate are essential skills.
Language is the basis of knowledge and power: understanding and appreciating how language works and the effects language can have are essential to effective control and use of language; understanding how people use language to shape meaning, express ideas, affect emotions, reactions and thoughts enables everyone to play a full role in society.
It is important to understand the origins and development of the English language, which includes an understanding of the spellings and meanings of words, how language is a changing thing and how language reflects the culture and development of society.
An appreciation of literary texts is enjoyable in itself, but also enables the reader to explore what others believe and have believed, and to have ideas challenged, shaped and formed by what has been read. Inspiring a love of reading and a love of language broadens horizons.
In 2016, 74% of students achieved an A*-C in GCSE English Language or Literature and 80% of students secured an A*-B in A Level English Literature.

The English team is made up of:

Mrs Nuamah- Second in Faculty, leading on Year 9 and 11
Mr Griffin- leading on Year 7 and 8
Ms Middleton- leading on Year 12 and 13
Mr Knight- leading on Year 10
Ms Payne
Ms Coppin
Miss Radford
Miss Lowndes-Toole
Miss Morley
Mrs Botha

The English team works closely to ensure literacy is embedded throughout the school.