SEND and Inclusion: Our beliefs and vision

At Wheatley Park School we believe that every child has the potential to achieve their very best and to enjoy their learning. This means that we have high expectations for all of our students and are aware of, and plan for, their varying needs. It is our aim that our pupils are happy, confident and successful learners at all times.

How this looks in our school...

For most students their differing learning needs are met by excellent planning and teaching in our classrooms every day. For some pupils, a variety of additional interventions may be used to meet their specific needs over time. This could mean, for example, working in a different and smaller group to support literacy improvement or by benefitting from 1:1 support to build stronger learning to learn skills.

How we work…

Here at Wheatley Park School we understand that the most significant and powerful factor in supporting learning and progress lies within the positive relationships that we build with parents/carers. For that reason, all parents of students who have an identified additional need are invited on a regular basis to discuss how their child’s needs are being met and to work in partnership with school to ensure that every pupil is enabled to make good progress.

How we are structured…

All of our students with SEND are supported across the school through high quality teaching brought about by teachers planning for the individual students’ needs using their SEND profile.

In some classes a Teaching Assistant (Progress coaches) may be deployed to support specific needs so that all learners within the classroom are enabled to make good progress in their learning.

Our curriculum is reflected upon each year and courses are planned around each particular cohort of students.

We offer a diverse range of interventions which can be tailored to individual needs. These are offered through our three Learning Support Hubs and this provision is led by our HLTAs. The hubs are the Literacy Hub, Maths Hub and Amber Zone Hub.

We also have a health and well being support service with school counselling, peer support and school health nurse as well as PCAMHS services available to support children.