Media Studies

Click here to visit the Wheatley Park School Media Studies website. 

Media Studies requires pupils to explore, analyse and engage practically with the world of media. Pupils develop the ability to analyse and respond to a range of media texts across print, broadcast and online media platforms. Knowledge and understanding of how media texts are constructed and how and why they appeal to audiences is established. Pupils then develop the media production skills required to demonstrate their knowledge within their own media productions - perhaps TV or film productions; or magazine, newspaper or website productions.

Pupils can study Media Studies at GCSE and A Level at Wheatley Park School. The Media Studies department has excellent facilities for making the most of the practical opportunities that Media Studies presents. 

Visit the Wheatley Park School Media Studies website to view a selection of fantastic media productions created by our GCSE and A Level pupils. You will find a range of excellent music video productions as well as film poster and trailer productions. There is also a fascinating collection of photography work focusing on the area surrounding the school's historic Old House. The site also offers further information on Media Studies - including detailed guides to our GCSE and A Level courses. The website is also used to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and guidance for Media Studies pupils.

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