Advanced level GCE

"If you don't do politics, what do you do?"
The Electoral Commission

When you think about it politics affects almost everything in our lives- from the food we eat to our journey to school. As a new subject offered at Wheatley Park School, A-level Politics aims to be a challenging and stimulating course which will develop your understanding of key world issues.

Your knowledge and understanding of these issues will be developed through debate and discussion as well as lectures, videos, ICT and private reading plus guest speakers. Politics complements a wide range of Arts, Science and Social Science A-Levels, and can lead to a wide variety of careers, even politics itself!

Specification: Edexcel

The AS Politics programmes involves developing knowledge and understanding of people and politics in Britain today including the role of political parties and pressure groups. It also involves
learning about how the UK is governed including the role of the Prime Minister and Parliament alongside an examination of the key issues currently affecting British politics from
devolution to the European Union.

AS Specification
Unit 1

  • People and Politics - 25% overall mark
  • Exam: 1 hour 20 minutes - 80 marks.

Unit 2

  • Governing the UK - 25% overall mark.
  • Exam 1 hour 20 minutes - 80 marks.


The A2 Politics programme involves the study of major political ideas and traditions such as conservatism and socialism followed by study of other ideological traditions such as anarchism
and feminism. Recently Wheatley Park School has arranged for students to attend the annual Westminster Politics Day as well as seminars and conferences outside the classroom.
It also has an active programme of outside speakers such as local MPs, members of the House of Lords, local councillors and representatives from pressure groups such as Republic.

A2 Specification
Unit 3b

  • Introducing Political Ideologies - 25% overall mark.
  • Exam: 1 ½ hours - 90 marks.

Unit 4b

  • Other Ideological Traditions - 25% overall mark.
  • Exam: 1 ½ hours - 90 marks.

Entry requirements:
At least five GCSEs at grades A* to C