76% of our students last year (2018) went onto university, with those deferring it to 2019 making it in total 80%, compared with 81% in 2017. The rest have either gone into the workplace or are currently on a gap year. In terms of Oxbridge entrants, in 2017 we had three people who were successful, two getting into Oxford University to study Biomedical Sciences and one getting into Cambridge University to study History. Last year (2018) 36% of our students went to a Russell group university, compared with 33% the previous year (2017). Given that our entry requirements are 5 grade Cs (or grade 4s under the new currency) we consider that to be a very good number, though never complacent. One should also be careful in assuming that the Russell group are the 'holy grail', for example, St Andrews University and Bath University are not Russell Group, however, both are very highly regarded - we sent one of our students to Bath in 2017 and another in 2018. You can see on the map below the range of places and courses that our students have chosen.